Hi there.
My name is Emily Parry.
I’m a Dutch concert photographer and you can find me in all sorts of venues, crawling around in the photopit or hanging from a balcony to get that perfect shot.
My personal taste in music ranges from pop to alternative. Every gig is different, but because of my appreciation for all kinds of music, it’s my mission to snap that perfect picture that captures the mood.
My goal is to capture the essence of the moment. If you’re on the other side of the lens, don’t strike a pose, but do your thing, be passionate and have fun. The pictures will be worth it, I promise.
For any business enquiries, feel free to reach out via the contact form on my website, which you can find here, or through social media.
More about me:
Languages: Dutch, English & French
Based in: Eindhoven area
And just for fun; here's a picture of me in action. 
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